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The principles of integrity, independence, and freedom from bias guide all journalism at Vazi Couture. We approach social media fact-checking work in the same manner. Vazi Couture’s Fact Check monitors digital platforms for misinformation that is linked to news events and to subjects that are being discussed by the communities we serve. We actively seek out groups and accounts that represent opposing viewpoints and apply the same standards of assessment to all content.

Our choice of material to fact check is broad, and is based on the following criteria:

  • Editorial value: is the topic timely and of public interest?
  • Could the material potentially cause real-world harm, if it is inaccurate?
  • Reach: how far has the claim travelled? We examine the level of interactions on individual posts, as well as the visibility of the claim across different platforms.
  • Potential reach: is the information likely to be shared further? We examine how quickly the post is generating interaction and consider whether it may be repeated by others.
  • Balance of fact vs opinion: is it possible to isolate certain claims from the material?

After we have identified the content we aim to fact-check, we will first identify and summarize the key claims made in the content.

We then aim to fully uncover the foundations of those claims, firstly by attempting to identify the origin of the information. In many cases, the original source of a given claim cannot be established, but in cases where a potential source is identified, Vazi Couture’s Fact Check will ask that source for additional information and comment as required. We look for evidence relevant to the claim – both supportive or otherwise – and consult experts. Vazi Couture Fact Checks names its sources and gathers links to publicly viewable material wherever possible.

When writing checks, we provide links to the supporting evidence so that readers may see the material we reference in its full form and context.

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