About Us.

Its Sexy To Share;

Vazi Couture is a creative arts media company, crowdfunded by Kenyan youth, to showcase the best of African Millennials

Media for Youth By Youth.

Vazi Couture was Founded By Wycliff Peter Oundo, in his third year at University. He envisioned a media company managed by an all-youth board with one agenda as its mandate; to be the platform that showcased the most creative and exemplary products, talents, teams, and other pace-setting youth.

To achieve an unbiased outlook at youth creativity, Vazi Couture, is crowdfunded by members of its board. It does not solicit payment from the youth it features. As an independent media company, Vazi Couture’s editors ensure every feature is verified to be authentic, by fact checking and vetting each proposed feature.

Although African Youth make up the majority of the Continent’s population, there is an ever growing disparity between available job opportunities and the ever growing millennial population. Vazi Couture aims to bridge this gap between youth and opportunities, by showcasing and creating awareness of what our creative millennials are putting out.

In order to transverse the huge scope of African Youth startups, products, and creatives. Vazi Couture has the following columns, for each creative niche.

Our Legacy is in the Content.

The Following are the columns available in Vazi Couture;

  1. The Fashionista.
  2. The Photographer’s digest.
  3. The Movie Score.
  4. The Travel Diary.
  5. Food and Foodies.
  6. Beauty and Grooming.
  7. The Critic.
  8. The Runway.
  9. In The Headlines.

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