• Sat. Jan 28th, 2023


Vazi Couture is a fashion media company, crowdfunded by Kenyan youth, to publish on the African Fashion Industry.

1. We Are Media for African Fashion.

Vazi Couture was Founded By Wycliff Peter Oundo, in his third year at Moi University. He envisioned a media company managed by an all-African board with a mandate to accurately represent and report on the African fashion industry and its impact on native communities.

Although the African Fashion industry is growing at a rate of 14% annually and is expected to reach a valuation of $47 Billion in 2024, it receives little recognition from the mainstream media making it one of Africa’s most underreported industries. Consequently, to achieve an unbiased outlook and representation of the industry, Vazi Couture is an independent media company – crowdfunded by members of its board. It does not solicit payment from the fashionistas or the brands it features. Its editorial team fact-checks and publishes each story authentically from its source while emphasizing on the ‘African Perspective’.

At VC we believe the African perspective matters and the true representation of African Fashion and its daily impact on our diverse cultures can only be narrated by US; Africans.

To transverse the vast scope of African fashion startups, products, creatives, and pop culture. Vazi Couture has the following columns, each for a fashion niche.

2. Our Legacy is in the Content.

The following are the columns currently available in Vazi Couture;

  1. The Roundup. (A general Fashion Column)
  2. The Photographer’s digest. (Photography Column)
  3. TV & Pop Culture. (Entertainment and media Column)
  4. Technophile. (A Column about technology’s impact on African Fashion)
  5. The Aesthete. (A Column about Arts and Crafts in African Fashion)
  6. The Pacesetters. (A column about African Fashion trendsetters)
  7. The Runway. (A Column about Modeling)
  8. Viewpoint. (A Column about Fashion Opinions)
  9. Events Plug. (A Column about the best African Fashion events)
  10. Beauty. (A Column about African Beauty trends)
  11. Grooming. (An advisory column on how to wear African Fashion)

3. Our Team.

a) The Board Of Directors.

Wycliff Peter Oundo.

Since March 2019.

Founder & Chief editor.

Lizz Kira.

Since October 2020.


Deepa Kumar.

Since August 2021.

Marketing Advisor.

Joram Kithuka.

Since September 2022.

Creative Director.

Boaz Bwire.

Since September 2021.

Legal Advisor.

Charlene Duron.

Since September 2022.

Production Director.

Peter Musungu.

Since April 2021.

Social Media Advisor.

Elizabeth Wangari.

Since February 2022.

Fashion Analyst.

Zainab Yusuf

Since July 2021.

General Consultant.

b) The Editorial Team.

Sharon Anyango Agigi.

Managing Editor – Print.

Lucy Mwelu.

Consulting Editor.

Vazi Couture