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Editor’s Note; This is the first of a three-part series that follows Comedian Ronoh’s evolution.

“Fashion is about two things: the evolution and the opposite.”

Karl Lagerfield

Labeled as the relatable queen of social media comedy, Chebet Ronoh’s journey to fame hasn’t been without consequential career decisions. It’s a journey that has seen her
venture into occupations such as radio presenting and scored features in the media. She acknowledges networking as one of the pivotal decisions behind her thriving career. She used her YouTube channel to
interview and feature people from all walks of life inadvertently gathering contacts and expanding her connections.

Ronoh’s bubbly and eccentric personality makes her content fun to watch. The
use of relatable, trendy references and motion effects in her videos ensures high viewer retention rates. Her smart use of metaphorical and evocative satires in her videos
can be attributed to her excellent educational background. The relatability in her videos springing from
living an ordinary life like most members of her Kenyan audience, made her
career skyrocket and greatly shot her to fame. And just like any other well-known individual,
fame brings its own struggles and Ronoh was not immune to it.

Images; Chebet Ronoh poses in an oversized vintage jacket, shirt, and tie, Complimented by a blue lapel flower, a yellow french beret, black silk gloves, and bronze rings by @lucarindii. Styled by Joram Mulwa and photographed by Wycliff Oundo.

Amidst her busy schedule, Ronoh got to sit with us and gave us the ropes of the social influencer
or content creator life and how she makes money from it. She not only tells us how she has
benefitted from fame and influence but also the downside of it. We get to see how the infusion of
fashion has helped with her craft and kept her creative juices flowing.

VAZI COUTURE; Who is Chebet Ronoh? What makes her stand out from other social
media influencers?

RONOH; Chebet Ronoh is a content creator and an aspiring businesswoman. My distinguishing
factor for a start is my 5’9 height, which is considered tall for an ordinary female. I’m also jeel, open and
honest: I have no shame about anything.

How old are you and how long has it been since you made your first video?
I am 22 years old. The first YouTube vlog I made was in 2018 making it 5 years now.

Content creation plays a large part in your brand. Take us through your content creation

For YouTube, when an idea pops through my head or when I’m inspired, I start by noting down, then I set a shooting date and if I’m in the mood I get to it and immediately post the content. My
niche is rant videos for Tiktok which I occasionally transfer to my Instagram to diversify
its reach.

Consistency is vital for content creators. How frequently do you post and what are some of
the tips to avoiding burn-out?

I’m working on posting at least two videos a week on my YouTube channel. To avoid burning
out I have scheduled free days. I exhaust my energy in a single day of creating, so I spread content-creating days between two-day intervals.

What was your biggest breakthrough moment?
When Lupita re-shouted me.

How have you been able to monetize your brand?
Via YouTube. I have also subscribed to get a creators’ fund on Tiktok which basically makes it possible to earn money for every post uploaded.

Is your income consistent, or do you only earn when content is uploaded? Are there any
expenses incurred in the process?

I AM THE EXPENSES. Honestly, though, consistent income is almost never guaranteed for creators
and that is why it is important for one to capitalize and make the most of it by working with
brands when you are in the limelight. YouTube pays monthly when content is uploaded and that is
why consistency is vital.

We’ve seen your collaborations with other influencers and celebrities, what are the benefits
of these collaborations both mutually and personally?

There is value gained when I collaborate with people; be it numbers or a business partnership.
Collaborations also help with networking and growing connections that open doors to new business opportunities.

What are some of the advantages of being an established influencer?
Free things, new business opportunities beyond your scope; I get to meet people from different

What are the challenges you faced in your journey to achieving a large following and how
did you overcome them?

Cyberbullying and critics, striving to be perfect because mistakes are almost never allowed for
creators and the dreadful creative block.

To overcome most of these setbacks, I looked “inward”; it is easy to believe outside noise, lose yourself, and let it consume you. I spent time with myself, taking much-needed breaks to figure out why
certain things triggered me and how to come around them. I prayed and meditated about it. I
managed creative block by watching past content which inspired my current content.

What are some of the challenges you face now and how do you overcome them?
The problems I experienced while starting are basically it, nowadays; I just block the noise.

You’ve been serving body goals these days. Can you tell us about your weight loss journey?
I was fuelled by pain and betrayal. It was always about making that decision to be healthy, which for me came after I lost friendships and business opportunities. I was prompted to focus on my health
to hit the gym and pivot to well-researched dieting.

Recently we’ve seen your fashionable side; from doing hauls to working with notable
fashion figures. Who is your fashion role model?

I love Nancy Mwai because of her confident style.

What are some of the advantages of infusing fashion into your content routines?
I have gotten identity from fashion which helps with my craft. It allows me to be free and

What is the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Sending me cupcakes, cakes, and edits among many more. They are all sweet.

With fame comes hate, criticism, and trolling. What is the wildest rumor you’ve heard
about yourself and how do you manage negative backlash and bad publicity?

That I got a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and that is why I lost weight. I also heard another that I was dating
Scar Mkadinali.

I overcome grapevine and bad publicity by completely ignoring but if it is something wild or extreme that
requires my attention, I set the record straight. I am also heavy on blocking; if it is persistent, I

Have you won any awards? If yes, which ones?
I got the 100K YouTube Play button. I was also awarded the youngest rising digital award by
Safaricom in 2019

There comes a time when people wish things could be different. What is your biggest regret as an influencer?
Taking opportunities and blessings for granted. It is important to be grateful for everything no
matter how small as the virtue always brings back more. I also regret oversharing and opening up to
a lot of people.

What are some of your ambitions?
I would love to host an award show and grow my YouTube channel to 500k plus subscribers

What are some lessons you’ve acquired in your journey and what would be your advice to
creatives looking to join this field?

NEVER STOP. Always keep going.

What should we expect from you in the future?
I am looking into starting a podcast and eventually seeing if I can become a recording artist.

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