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The best of the 70s Fashion:This retro decade is the next 90s.

ByLizz Kira

Jan 16, 2022

70s fashion making an appearance.

Fashion is cyclical,we all know that. We’ve noticed ’70s trends coming back with a vengeance the last few seasons, but we didn’t realize just how many are reincarnating. Even flares, which may not be center stage right this moment, never really fade if you ask us.

This new decade is here with us, and it’s giving the 1990s a run for their money. All things ’90s have dominated fashion for a long time now, to the point that we’ve pretty much gone through every trend—from scrunchies to slip dresses—as we all know. But, like it or not, a new decade is about to overtake the ’90s in popularity: the swinging ’70s.

70s Trends that are easily identifiable.

Retro florals, wavy mirrors, shaggy rugs, mushroom patterns, and tones of orange, brown, and yellow you’ve seen on Instagram aren’t a fluke. Home décor was equally “groovy,” with bold color combinations and curved lines. 1970s fashion was colorful and fun, tailored yet relaxed, and home décor was similarly “groovy.”


It's all incredibly upbeat and Instagrammable, which explains why people are so enthusiastic about this decade right now.
Dressing up has certainly fallen out of favor during the pandemic, and people are increasingly missing it. It explains why 1970s fashion, which was daring and experimental, is so popular now, and art is a natural outgrowth of that. Given how much time we spend at home, it's only natural to want to give our surroundings some individuality and make them a place we want to stay all day, every day.

Lizz Kira

Lizz Kira is Vazi Couture's CEO and Chief Editor, A position she has held since 2020. She is passionate about African Fashion and its impact on Social Sustainability.

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