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How to do a simple Halloween Makeup look.

Model Liza in a Cruella look

Halloween is finally here,October the 30th.Looking for the perfect unique look to pull when going out for a Halloween party is a must do after all it happens only once in a year.You choose to be your favorite novel or movie character,or even creat your own fantasy character.You might have run out of time in choosing the perfect character to go with and the confusion is driving you crazy considering the party is hours away, don’t worry we have you covered.Here is a tutorial on a look you might look really great in, dramatic and just fit for Halloween, a joker clown look.

Joker Clown make up tutorial.

Lizzie thuo in a Joker clown make up look
  1. First apply white paint all over your face or you can use an eyeshadow primer
  2. Use a black eyepencil when working on the eyebrows and the good news with this is they don’t have to be perfect
  3. Apply pink eyeshadow to your right eyeshadow and right below the left eye
  4. To the eyelid of your left eye apply blue eyeshadow and below the right eye
  5. Use a black eyepencil or black face paint to create black half star like lines below your eyes and above it up to the eyebrows.
  6. Apply the black eyepencil to the tip of the nose
  7. Apply red lipstick and use your black eyepencil to draw lines from your lips to your cheeks

There you have it.If you will be attending the party with a partner they can pull out this look as well.

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