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New to head wraps?Here are a few tips to get you started.

Vazi couture models in head wraps.

Like braids and wigs, head wraps are a widely recognized part of the black hair experience. These fabrics aren’t just reserved for bad hair days; they’re also a form of self-expression. Unlike small bandanas and headbands, which are pretty limited in terms of manipulation, a head wrap can be tied, twisted and folded into more styles than we can count.

And because of its versatile shape, people with any and every hair texture can wear one.

The history behind head wraps.

Before head wraps were a choice for African American women, those who came before us were forced to wear a headwrap to mark themselves as a slave woman and to differentiate the social status of African American women and Caucasian women. However, once our ancestors began to understand the value of head wraps, they started to use head wraps to pass code from one slave to another through their styling and also use these wraps as protection from the sun. These African American changemakers  were able to remove the negative stigma of head wraps that symbolized slavery and created a head wrap tradition that we still continue and ehance upon today.

The aftermath from the beginning of the head wraps tradition in the African American community has created a new stigma for head wraps and the way it is worn. 

Tips to get you a perfect head wrap.

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1. Explore with styling

There is no wrong way of styling a head wrap. Feel free to try a top knot, cinnamon roll, big bun, twisted crown, back twist bun, or bow. For special occasions like weddings, galas, you can style your head wrap in a twisted crown to match the event theme and your beautiful dress.

2. Use silk and satin head wraps.

Silk head wrap

Silk and satin wraps are known for locking in hair moisture and are used to protect hair while underneath the wrap and keeps hair as curly or straight as possible. 

Silk wraps are hand-made for the sole purpose of protecting our hair.

This means your hair will get the FULL protection it needs to grow underneath. 

The benefits of silk with added durability of polyester. At night for bed, keep it simple and use it as a standard silk lined head wrap.

3. Don't style it too tight.

Wearing a tight head wrap could cause headaches and also pressure on a woman’s edges and nape of hair. Now we don't want you all uncomfortable and your hair stressed, do we?

4. Spice up your basic outfits.

A Tshirt paired with black jeans is so basic right?Add a headwrap and voilaa ,you’re looking all fashionable and stylish. I’d say it plays the role of an accessory.

Take in consideration that there are different headwrap styles .Find the ones suitable for your face shape and wear them boldly .Still clueless on that?There are like a gazillion YouTube videos that can help you with that.

On those days you’re not really feeling like doing your 1 hr make up routine try an head wrap since it goes really well with light makeup.

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Lizz Kira is Vazi Couture's CEO and Chief Editor, A position she has held since 2020. She is passionate about African Fashion and its impact on Social Sustainability.

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