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Nancie Mwai nude lipstick reveal.

ByVC Editors.

Sep 28, 2021

According to the oxford dictionary nude color is a colour of clothing or make-up resembling that of the wearer’s skin.It was originally named after the Western-European centric Caucasian skin tone. It is close to beige in terms of being a pale shade of the mixture of brown and white.

About Nancie Mwai.

Nancie Mwai is a fashion blogger and a famous YouTuber with a good following and pretty impressive content both on YouTube and Instagram.In the mid of September she had announced on her Instagram page of the reveal that was to take place on 23rd September,the reveal of a project she says she has worked on for an year eleven months and a number of days now since she embarked on it,she went ahead to advise her fellow girls saying,”Have big, unaffordable dreams and visions,” she asked them to take baby steps, cancel out the noice and get to work and with this she assured them that God will meet them,match up and elevate those dreams.

Kenyan celebrities that attended the reveal.

The reveal took place at undisclosed location attended by popular beauty influencers including Sharon Mundia, Maureen Bandari, Angel Lately, Milly Wajesus and Murugi Munyi,Wabosha Maxine among various others who looked really excited and happy for her new success,a number of them dressed in different shades of nude and a touch of nude lipstick as well.The decorations r had a pretty thyme of nude as well.


The lipstick have a "NewLevel" logo and come in five melanin friendly shades,the Sugar Baby-send nudes collection,Choke Me- send nudes collection,Come Baby Come -send nudes collection, Morning After-send me nudes collection and Send nudes-send nudes collection.

Challenges she has faced.

She admits to have gone through challenges of self doubt,tears, sleepless nights,long long conversation with family and friends and small small giving up she later said how she got a guiding star from the scripture Psalms 23.She later sent love to everyone who has been with her both online and offline.

With the reveal,many of her fans took to her Instagram to congratulate her and her friends and fellow celebrities expressed how proud they are of her.So far she has gotten positive feedback from those who have been able to purchase from her and they show much happiness and satisfaction from trying them on.We are happy for her and we wish her all the best.

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