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Doja Cat launches her beauty collection, Bh cosmetics.

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Sep 27, 2021

The long awaited BHxDojaCat collection announced on Wednesday 22nd September has finally been dropped as from Saturday 25th September and Doja Cat expresses her excitement on the collaboration she made with Bh cosmetics on her first ever beauty collection.

What Bh is

Bh cosmetics in full stands for Be Heard,named so because according to them it us Beauty Under Your Influence,is a cosmetics brand with it’s founders, Fred Sadovskiy,CEO; Kirill Trachtenberg, chief strategy officer; and Robert Sefaradi, COO, have been instrumental in building BH Cosmetics into the company it is today and it’s products are said to have been made in China with it’s raw materials sourced from Europe,Japan and United States.

Doja’s inspiration behind Bh

Doja’s new beauty collection is inspired by the Divine Energy of nature and all it’s prismatic elements,a mystical journey of discovery and it’s collection include a complete makeup brush set; lip products (tints, glosses, and a lip balm); mini eyeshadow palettes; an eyeliner; a mascara; and the pièce de résistance: a 36-pan eyeshadow palette boasting vibrant blues, rich browns, and a shade of green Doja included because she can “never seem to find it anywhere.”She The drew inspiration from nature and the four elements of matter — earth, water, air, and fire — when conceptualizing the makeup line. “That’s why there are these really rich pinks and forest greens and just all the different colors of flowers,” Doja tells Elite Daily. “I knew that I wanted these palettes to be full of color to open a door for people who want to explore more colorful looks.”


Over the years as seen from her Instagram page and past red carpets looks it is obvious on how Doja has a loving for bold,accentric make up looks and this stands to explain the bright eyeshadow colors to choose from and few neutrals,the smaller eyeshadow palettes that have these sort of elemental themes;earth, fire, wind, and water,to them,” says Doja. “I mix the shimmery bronze and copper shades in smaller with the browns from the larger palette. You can kind of mess around.”

She admits to have been doing graphic liners because according to her, “I always had a curse, kind of, where I didn’t know how to do more colorful eyeshadow looks," she wasn’t always the fearless makeup prodigy she appears to be now. Reflecting on her own journey with beauty, she recalls struggling with finding her footing when it came to eyeshadow.

What bh collection consists of

She added a brush set to the BH collection because just like you and me she has a guilt of not washing brushes as often as she should despite her adoration for make-up,an explanation of her various make-up brushes and her excitement of having a new brush.The 10-piece Metamorphosis Brush Set is loaded with powder, contour, blending, and multiple eyeshadow brushes, even if you forget to clean your other brushes you'll have a backup plan for any look.


The makeup packaging mostly consist of a sexy gold like color for the mirror, eyeliner,lip gloss, mascara,lip balm,brush holders and make-up bags,the pallets have a kinda dark print like that of a some leaves ,the brushes are pink with it's tips having a touch of white and all contain a DOJA CAT logo.In it's pricing the most expensive item is at $36.00 - MEGA,36 color palette and METAMORPHOSIS,10 piece brush set with bag and the cheapest item going for $9.00- MIRAGE,lip balm that comes with three shades;clear,heavy tint and light tint.The loose powder highlighter (PRISM), contains three shades; rose gold,campagne and bronze,GODDESS, the calligraphy eyeliner which comes in white,green and black, FLORA, the powder Blush Trio that comes in rose, poppy and peony and lastly MUSE, plumping lip gloss that come in pink,clear,nude,gold,berry and red.

“I get an urge to want to go crazy at certain times with my makeup,” she says. “I love to experiment with combinations of color. I can spend, like, four hours at a time doing eyeliner looks and redoing them, and wiping it off, and redoing it; it’s important to me to be able to create in that way. It’s just my other way of expressing whatever thoughts I have in my head.” Her makeup looks always look appear to be spectacular and as a product of years of training but the truth is she learning how to do her makeup through a couple of trial and error from media; YouTube and in the process make-up became one of her creative outlets— and this collection is her way of sharing the joy and comfort it brought her with the world.

Her fans show so much excitement by the final dropping of the beauty collection and others couldn't help but express how they can't wait to purchase the makeup and some haters boldy commented on to feeling it.Personally i like to explore and this make-up collection would come in handy.

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