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How to hack yourself into a successful day after a wild party night

ByPurity Ebonyi

Sep 16, 2021
A Photo Of Happy Women. Photo: Courtesy.

It’s seven o’clock you’re standing in front of your mirror after a hectic night of partying after you and your friends went for an early one to three shots drink and lost track of time, found yourself past midnight a hundred and one-shots later, you have an interview or an important meeting at eight-thirty and you’re looking like shit with eye bags and you’re wondering how to clean that mess, well, apply liquid foundation under your eyes and blend followed by solid concealer blend it out also and then using a brush put on translucent powder and voila that problem is solved.

Wait, that wasn’t the only problem you had? A fight escalated and you got punched in the process trying to stop it right after you made out with a stranger in the bathroom and now you have both a bruised cheek and a hickey on your neck and there is no way you’ll present yourself like that, apply your primer to protect your skin from the makeup, followed by color correction; to cover up purple, blue, or greys light-medium skin tone, pink or peach color corrector, medium-dark skin tone, orange or red color corrector, the color corrector used can be lipstick, let the color corrector sit for a bit, apply a full coverage concealer on top tap on gently add layers if you have to then set lightly with powder and setting spray and your bruise and hickey is taken care of.

By then it is a cold shower later but your hangover is still holding on to you like a bug and by this time you need it gone asap because you are runnings out of time, here is a quick remedy lots of fluids, caffeine and a boost in sugar levels can do; Glucose and water or a mixture of hot water boiled with tea leaves minus the sugar and continue drinking lots of water on your way to your destination.


Bras can be pretty stressfully at times and all you need on that day is a zero stress day minus bra but you don't want your boobs sagging or maybe the dress you had in mind was sleeveless and there is no way you are planning to ruin it with bra straps, again I have a solution for you, boob tape will do the trick for you, stick them on your boobs and you're less than stressed, now go and rock your day like a queen, you got this!

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