• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Bold hair looks. Time To Claim Your Power.

A model with short dyed hair. Image: Courtesy.

Its Time To Be Bold.

“That hair looks so amazing, but I Can’t wear it because I don’t think it will look good on me, “most of us fear exploring with our hair, you want to but fear and lack of confidence hold us back and we end up being spectators of how people do their hair rather than being on the limelight and being cheered for our hair.’Even if it is not the look for you, you are right in trying. Be bold,

It takes strength to wake up one morning and decide to cut short that long hair you have lived with your entire life, getting out of the “I think I would look good in short hair but I’m afraid” box takes composure and courage. If you believe it would look good on you why not go for it? Why let the fear of others judging you that you won’t look good take away the power of taking bold steps when it comes to your hair, I mean it’s YOUR, hair.

Make Those Choices, I mean Its Your Hair..

We have the leeway to make bad hair decisions and get away with them when we are young and curious. That dye looked so marvelous and powerful on that babe, It brought out so much courage and confidence in her. It brought out so much of her beauty, it felt like she wore a statement piece, “this is my hair and what I decide to do with it is none of your business people, it’s either you accept it or ..accept it,” it shouted boldness, you’ve lived your entire life wanting to try different shades of color on your hair, you picture how the different colors will make you look unstoppable, but, you lock yourself in a cage of dogma constantly pinned down with beauty standards imposed on you by society. So you’ve rocked that one hairstyle all your life, How about you make that choice today?

The best weapon one could have in life is being unpredictable, go that saloon take a look in the mirror, that is the look you have been wearing for weeks, months or even years now, surprise yourself, look at your hairstylist, smile and tell them, “lock my hair,” for the longest time you’ve imagined putting on dreadlocks, go ahead do it..

Go Bald.

Too much has been on your head, on top of your head I mean, you’re tired of it and you want the pores on your head to final breath, go bald, baldness comes with so much beauty and admiration, zero stress, and a hundred and one percent beauty and glow, I personally have so much admiration for AdutAkech, Biensoul and all of the bald gang they according to me are the boldest and the baldness inspiration I see from them, my hair should be worried of saying bye-bye to me.

You are unstoppable when you venture into hair ideas you’ve admired but lived to say it isn’t the one for you, that is boldness, that is power, your hair is the crown you never take off, invest in it, a new hairstyle always comes with the power that makes you feel like you can do anything, life sometimes doesn’t allow us to change much but guess what, you can change your hairstyle, try it you’ll discover how it makes you feel like you have the ability to be a new you, every time you adorn a new hairstyle, claim your power, Now!

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