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South Sudanese, Model Adut Aketch. Posing at The Fashion Awards. Photo; Courtesy.

The Kenyan Modeling Industry (An Overview).

It takes passion and confidence to be a supermodel, to walk on that stage smiling, to be that bold commercial model, or to showcase that superb outfit on that high fashion runway and it takes strength and perseverance to chase after our passions for modeling here in Kenya.

The Past Kenyan Modeling Industry.

The pioneering Kenyan modeling Industry focused on equality and fairness; It judged fairly on the essentials: in pageantry, judged based on your walk, your outfit, and your confidence, In high fashion: it judged based on how you showcased and displayed that outfit to convince a particular fashion lover, judge or critic to purchase or buy into the hype of that marvelous outfit that the designers and models showcased, in commercial modeling, you were judged based on your professionalism and experience in the model industry.

Unfortunately, it takes connections for someone to make it in the Kenyan Modeling industry.

Modeling Events In Kenya.

Various internal Kenyan modeling events today are held for personal gains, and full of unprofessionalism, they call for passionate innocent models who are trying to make it in the modeling industry to come to make their show successful but already have their own winners even before the show starts just so they will personally benefit from whatever price; get a share of the grand prize, make their own business prosper all at the cost of loosing true potential models who deserve winning, killing the industry. ‘To make deliberate falsification for personal gain is the last, worst depth to which either scholar or artist can descend in work or life.’- Dorothy L.Sayers.


Kenyan Modeling Ambitions.

Killing ambitions of upcoming young supermodels who lose hope in the industry and succeeding in it because their hopes of winning are shuttered by unfair judging, an event is organized but the organizer is also dressing a number of models or a judge is dressing a participant, paying judges for a specific model to win. Crowning the wrong winner will benefit whoever but destroy the country’s modeling industry when at the top modeling level the models appear unprofessional and then lack models to present for representation outside the country; miss universe.

The Future Of Kenya’s Modeling Industries.

Eventually, the industry will fall, what happens to those who depend on it for a living, what happens to passionate potential models who give up on the industry and their passions for it, what happens to the future face of an international brand; Gucci, Fenty, Dior, whose talent you flashed down the Kenyan sink?
‘It is the essence of responsibility to put the public good ahead of personal gain.’- Robert Kennedy. 

Successful Kenyan Models.

Regardless there are a number of successful Kenyan models such as  Kevin Oduor who graduated from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa who was among the 46 finalists of the 2016 Mr world pageant and emerged 4th in the competition held in the Uk, Jared Obuya who came from being a herds boy in Nyanza to a runway model in the US city of Atlanta, Victoria’s secret and Carlos Mines Kenyan model Ajuma Nasenyana and Malaika Firth a Kenyan born British model booked as the first black model in nearly 20years to appear in a Prada advertising campaign among others.

A Wrap Up.

To make it as a Kenyan model, the most important thing is for one to fully trust in the ability they hold for success, and regardless of the disappointments that come along they should stay Strong and keep pushing for their goal, for an upcoming model one should brand themselves; work with designers, go for shoots, go for auditions and most importantly believe and have confidence in themselves to do and achieve anything, you’re unstoppable,’ If you believe in yourself and feel confident in yourself, you can do anything. I really believe that.’— Karlie Kloss.
Let us stand against corruption in the industry, let us give support to the dreams of young models, let us follow our dreams and ambitions for the passion we have in modeling as fashionists and as beauty  pageant lovers, let us stand up for the success of the industry

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