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Meet Uncommon Rebel’s Mwelesa Diana, Kenya’s ‘Rarest Rebel’.

1.Who is rare rebel?

Photo Of Diana, Image: Courtesy.

Just like the name, she’s a rare rebel.
She’s a Fashion Designer and stylist and the creative director of Uncommon Rebel, which is a fashion design and styling company.

2.If you could raid someone’s closet who would it be?

Rihanna. Her style is exemplary. She is truly a fashion icon.

3.Heels, sneakers or flats?

Sneakers anytime. Flats aren’t really my style and heels can be quite uncomfortable.

4. What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

Fashion is a game. Don’t take it so serious, just play with it.

5. Shoes or bags.

Shoes. Definitely shoes. I feel like they complement my outfits better than bags do.

7.Which one comes first fashion, art or lifestyle?

I tend to think style comes first and fashion is basically what you do with your style.

8. What’s the cutest item you own?

My oxford loafers.

9. Prints or patterns. And why?

Because prints can be patterns too but patterns cannot be prints.

10. Your outfits are pretty dope. What items do you wear to complement your outfits?

I always accessorize to add spice to the outfit. A pair of glasses here, some rings, jewelry, and sometimes headgears like wraps, caps or durags. I feel like this items spice up my fits better.

11.What’s the one styling fashion tip can you give to an aspiring fashion stylist?

Diana Mwalesa. Photo Courtesy.

Start and always work with whatever you have then, no matter how simple it is. Using what you have at your disposal is always a good idea.

12.What does fashion and image mean to you?

Fashion to me is an art I get to express myself in and image to me is how I represent myself externally.

13. What’s your fashion pet peeve?

People dressing for trends as opposed to dressing well. By this I mean buying unoriginal clothing just for the hype.

14.Something you’d wear to the Met Gala.

Something artsy, something that is overly dramatic in every way possible.

15. How would you describe your style?

Edgy. A mix of old fashion and modern as well, basically something uncommon.

16. How do you see the fashion scene changing in the next 5years?

People will be More susceptible to wearing Kenyan Brands, things made in kenya in terms of clothing and jewellry.
~An appreciation of the art of fashion in the fashion scene in general by adding proper laws to cater for the needs in the buisness of fashion.
~Promotion of the Kenyan fashion scene to extend to international levels by instance having fashion events such as fashion week, incorporting high level of fashion in various art forms like film, music etc.

17. Going through your feed it’s easy to note how colour plays a role in your line of work. What would you tell someone who’s afraid of wearing bright coloured clothes because of the attention it may attract?

I’d tell Them goal is always to standout.

18.Define fashion and style in your own words.

Fashion and style to me is an artistic expression, its a space where creativity flows in garments and even in aligning outfits in discovery of style and its also a way to speak without saying a word.

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