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1. What Is Happiness Happens Day.

The National happiness day was first known as Admit You’re Happy Day, created by the Secret Society of Happy People in 1999 to celebrate the expression of happiness. Their two mottos are “Happiness Happens” and “Don’t Even Think of Raining on My Parade.”

The National Resurrect Romans week was founded by Michael Web:

The purpose of the week is to place the emphasis back on our hearts and off of our wallets. To designate just one day for romance seems bewildering to me, so I am hoping that people will make an effort to do something romantic each day for an entire week. If people do that, they will see an amazing change in their relationship and will be more motivated to becoming a year-round romantic.

–Michael Webb website

Going to picnics ain’t conventional for many. Well simply because there are malls, affordable resorts, and BNB’s. But there are few occasions where you find yourself wanting to go vintage on everything including get-togethers and picnics. Getting everything together can be weary and we just opt for the simple norms.

So here I am to give that whole adventure an easy kickstart.

Picnic Accessories.

1. A Portable USB speaker, make it fancy.

My favorite type of speaker at the moment is a T&G portable speaker but any would do. I literally carry it to my outdoor meetups, shower, and even to my bed when I wanna listen to some music that best fits my mood from Spotify.

Having a mini speaker for your picnic helps set the mood for either a friendly hangout or a lovey-dovey setting.


Apart from that, well you have to agree with me there is always that dance feet type of person in every clique or group or family or a couple. And adding a speaker to a picnic makes that type of person heard and seen. There is also the sing-along type of friend, he/she will also appreciate this gesture.

Plus what’s a good bonfire or picnic without a moment of group’s sing-along or a mini-concert or a mini karaoke? or when you decide to add something up like a movie, a speaker will come in handy. Spice it up!

There are many things a mini speaker can ignite, give it a try and see your type of spark. Make sure it’s fancy though, who doesn’t wanna have a fabulous-looking reel of memory?


2. A Maasai shuka Instead Of A Picnic Table.

If it were 2010, when I had no knowledge of the existence of Maasai shukas, I would have advised using a leso. Well, it’s Ok for you to call me the “took time to become trendy” type of person but oh well it is life.

A Maasai shuka is light and heavy at the same time, to best fit your use. Its material ain’t as heavy as a blanket but can well be used as a blanket for cold giving it the portability upper hand compared to the traditionally recognized conventional blankets.

It’s made out of 100% Acrylic providing a tough material for insects to bite through and reach to you, well unless the insects think smart and go all the way to climb to the top of the blanket.

I am not saying that having a Maasai shuka will make you have zero instances of insects trying to climb onto your legs and trynna reach your neck like a vampire. Occasional insect attacks will happen but the blanket reduces this risk of attacks from certain angles.

3. Water.

I would have talked about the type of food to carry but hello this is a free world. And everyone has a way to manage the type of food they wanna carry, either curry or bits of snacks or non-curry type of food. There are always ways on how to manage the stains in case of accidental spill-offs.

However, water is very essential. It can be used to reduce food digestion accidental causes, sugary drinks dilution, help to keep one sober in case there is an excessive intake of alcohol, etc.

Also, for our food cautious and diet conservators’ friends, they will highly appreciate the addition of one more bottle of water to the table.

4. Sunscreen.

Our skin is a very sensitive organ, it’s actually not just sensitive but can have conspicuous reactions to it.

And no, as much as this might sound stupid, sunscreen is not for only lighter-skinned people, be it your lighter neighbor or friend, it is for all-skinned people. UV rays attack the skin, some might have higher resistance to its attack than others but it is for all skin.

So better look out for you, so that you keep glowing and when you look at the mirror in the morning you just keep falling in love with yourself over and over again.

5. Mosquito racket Or Mosquito reppelant lotion.

Unless you’re gonna be having an indoor picnic, you better have that mosquito bite prevention accessory. Include any of the above or both, because a mosquito racket can also serve as a weapon against insects like bees. But:

try not to kill the bee infront of the family unless you like to race and have a face looking like you’ve been given an overdosed botox injections or excess face filler medication.

A memer

Don’t forget ROSES, very essential, they just have a way of setting everything right and sorting everything out.

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