• Sat. May 21st, 2022

The ‘Milk Crate Challenge’, Tiktok’s Latest Viral Trend. That Could Kill You.

A contestant, trying the viral hood, Milk Crate Challenge.

1. No crying over spilled milk crates.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on TikTok. Social media bozos have invented an idiotic tend called the “Milk Crate Challenge,” in which they attempt to traverse a precarious pyramid of milk crates — usually with painful results. Allegedly first showcased on Facebook by Kenneth Waddell earlier this month, videos of the wipeout-inducing trend boast over 15.3 million collective views on TikTok.

The harebrained feat sounds simple enough on paper: A person tries to make it all the way across milk crates stacked in an up-and-down staircase formation.

However, the vast majority of attempts seem to end with the knucklehead taking a giant spill, that mind you could be fatal..

It didn’t end well for this knucklehead too…

In this viral clip with 1.4 million views, a string of “Jackass” wannabes can be seen attempting to tip-toe — à la the Pink Panther — up a veritable Mount Kilimanjaro of milk crates. At various intervals, the rickety structure collapses like a giant failed Jenga game, causing the urban alpinists to topple off the steps with seemingly painful results.


2. It Always Ends In Premium Tears, Or … Premium Injuries.

The spine-snapping silly challenge unsurprisingly metastasized to Twitter, where one video showed a bloke painfully conking his back after falling off the milk crate Matterhorn. The footage is captioned: “People doing this like they have the best health insurance…”

This Bloke almost had his 15 seconds of fame, but as predicted it ended in bruises and concoctions.

Thought the challenge wasn’t difficult enough on its own? How about this clip of a man attempting to ascend the makeshift staircase — only to have a kid kick it over when he’s halfway across.

MMh I hope he visited an orthopedic doctor

3. What Do Health Experts Think?

Unsurprisingly, medical experts advise against partaking in the ludicrous challenge.

“The Milk Crate Challenge is very dangerous, and we are seeing many orthopedic injuries as a result of the falls,” Dr. Shawn Anthony, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, told the “Today” show. “Injuries can include broken wrists, shoulder dislocations, ACL and meniscus tears, as well as life-threatening conditions like spinal cord injuries.”

4. Wait Someone Actually Completed The Milk Crate Challenge.

But one Houston woman milked the challenge for all that it was worth, successfully scaling up and down the wobbly boxes while wearing lucite heels, becoming the clear winner of the “Milk Crate Challenge.”

5. Hold On! Where are all these Crates Coming From?


Maybe That’s How…

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