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Don’t Be That Tacky Guy, You Can Be Sophisticated. Here’s How.

“Everything is judged by its appearance. What is unseen accounts for nothing Never let yourself get lost in the crowd or buried in oblivion. Stand out. Be conscious at all costs. Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colorful, more mysterious than the bland and timid masses”, A quote from one of my favorite books, The concise 48 laws of power by Robert Greene.
A pair of jeans, a white T-shirt paired with sneakers, and a bomber jacket is an example of the most basic outfit choice most would go with. Am sure this has worked for you for the longest time, it’s time to level up. Wouldn’t you agree?
Okay here me out. How would you describe your current style in three words? How would you describe your target style?
It doesn’t take much to achieve your target style. In between your current wardrobe situation and what you aim at attaining fashionwise are the following tips to help you get there.

1. Go for neutral colours.

Building your wardrobe will take time. It is advisable that you stick to buying and styling neutral colors in the meantime. Have basic pieces for example a pair of black and blue fitting jeans, that can be styled in different ways.

A classic well-fitting black suit will cater to most of your needs too. It comes in handy during weddings, job interviews, dinner dates, formal Mondays you name it. For a more stylish look pair your suit with a vintage tie.

My personal favorite men’s fashion inspiration comes from Lucifer Morningstar from the series Lucifer. I should meet his stylist because he’s got impeccable taste in men’s suits no kidding.


2. Invest in good fabrics.

Clothing Fabrics, Vazi Couture; Photo Courtesy

Go for quality over quantity. While good quality is expensive, it lasts longer and is generally appealing to the eye as compared to other low quality fabrics
Stock them slowly and in due time you’ll have a suit or two in all possible colors you can imagine. It takes time to build a functional wardrobe of your choice. Be patient.

3. Invest in good coats.

A Model Posing In A Trench Coat.Photo: Courtesy.

A good coat holds some power. Let’s take an example pair blue jeans and a white T-shirt with a leather-fitting coat and white sneakers. That’s a casual stylish look if you ask me.

4.Invest in good coat Fabrics And Colours.

It goes without saying that investing in good coats is never a fashion mistake. Have them in different colors, different brands, different fabrics(for different seasons), and different designs.

5. Consider your comfort Over Extravagance.

An example of comfortable long sleeve; Photo Courtesy.

Ultimately make sure your style is in line with your comfort preference. Pick pieces you are comfortable wearing. Remember that your style is like a recipe no one has tried before. It’s your own. You get to play around with recipes to see what works for you.
You are the chef hence you get to decide what to add and what not to.

6. Men accessorize too.

Men’s Accessories,Photo Courtesy.

Watches, scarfs, bow ties, fedoras, etcetera. These pieces will turn any boring basic outfit into a more stylish one. On those days you are not feeling like going overboard with what you wear add your bow tie and a hat. That works the magic all the time.

7.Be practical.

While it is okay to have ten formal wears, invest in your casual wear too.
Have outfits for different occasions. They’ll come in handy.


8. Have a style icon.

Do you have a style icon? Someone that intrigues your fashion taste. Most if not all celebrities have stylists behind the scenes. If you are determined enough you can search them up for tips and inspiration.

Having a style icon doesn’t mean that you copy everything they wear, it’s more about borrowing their ideas and spicing them up to make them your own.

These tips will help you in creating your style. It takes time before you decide what style you’ll stick to. Give yourself time.
Lucifer wears suits from Hugo Boss, Canali, Ted Baker, and Burberry. His stylist is John Carlos De Luna.

Lizz Kira

Lizz Kira is Vazi Couture's CEO and Chief Editor, A position she has held since 2020. She is passionate about African Fashion and its impact on Social Sustainability.

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