• Sat. May 21st, 2022

How To Be The Warrior Of Pain.

Sometimes we get so broken that we lose ourselves trying to fight the world for whatever pain we feel, we fail to see the damage these fights bring to us all in the name of revenge against the world. Making decisions that will reflect on us for the rest of our lives, doing things that hurt innocent people who had no part in what we underwent, turning into someone you are not.

Naturally, pain and life are one, life is pain, we all have our potion of pain and we must all go through whichever pain is on our path. We think an existence without pain is magical but happiness comes with pain and suffering and we all want happiness, so it is for us to take up our pains, accept the pain; it is the only way to heal, live the pain without being selfish making innocent people a part of our pain but instead hold on to them as pillars to successful healing and for those who hurt you, leave them for karma, it is a b*tch, they will get their portion of punishment.

Healing requires acceptance, rather than choosing the shortcut of running from the pain and hiding behind a war against the world, accept the pain, feel it and learn from it no matter how hard it may seem, you have equal potential as the pain it’s either it consumes you and you lose yourself or you face it head-on and kick its ass, why was it challenged to you if you had no chances of surviving it?
We ask ourselves why we receive so much pain than others; unfair but come to think of it, you get what you deserve, you are a warrior there is no small job for a warrior, take up your task like the warrior you are, you got this!


Healing from pain is hard but it is a very satisfactory journey that comes with growth. It’s a war healing, pain has the power to manipulate your thinking about your current situation and exaggerates it to make us see there is no hope in surviving it takes advantage more when we are alone and would want to make us take actions that will put us in danger, we are in a journey of healing so get up and looking for a distraction, distractions help, go out with friends, go on a date, look for something that will get your mind off what you are going through, talk to someone, go for shopping, go to game clubs, just look for healing despite how hard it is.
Overcoming pain makes us grow, moving on from pain strengthens us, we should heal so as not to project our wounds onto others who we want to love.

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