• Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Tokyo Olympics: Google’s Offline Dinosaur Game Now Themes Olympic Huddles.

Screen Grab Of the Google Chrome Offline Game.

Dinosaur Game on Google’s Chrome browser has been around for several years. To mark the Tokyo Olympics games that are already underway, the search giant has added several tweaks to the offline classic game. While normally the fun friendly little T-rex on your screen jumps over cactus when you hit spacebar, gamers have now spotted that the game has received a major change. Observations lauded by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai’s tweet on the same, confirming the fun new minigames the classic game has on offer now.


The Olympic Torch.

Sharing a screenshot of the game, that features the T-rex and an Olympic torch, the Redditt user (u/Mr_Kris_ ) wrote,

“On the Chrome Dino games, Google has added mini-games related to I think the Olympics.” So now, if you play the game even while your Internet is working, you will find a torch at the beginning of the game. If instead of jumping over it, you bump into it, the T-rex transforms into a different kind of runner, appearing to be more focussed with his eyes on the finishing line. In the first game, in fact, instead of jumping over the hurdles, the character ducks them. 

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