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Power Hour with Achy Brey, A Kenyan MUA, Winning In Canada.

In a world that has immensely gone digital, it can be cumbersome to find a safe space that you can comfortably showcase your creative side. Influencers, socialites, wannabes, content creators; so many names have been coined by society to identify what exactly it is that “someone who is constantly engaging on social media” does.

Going through her feed you can easily tell she’s not only exemplary at what she does she loves it as well.

1.Who is Achy Brey?

I am a Kenyan residing in Canada and working as a healthcare worker with a Bachelors’s degree in Interior Design and Certificate in Digital Media.

Art and entertainment have always been my passion since childhood and that is why you will always easily spot me drawing, painting, designing something, or dancing. I take pleasure in my creativity.

2.Makeup, fashion, or content creation which one comes first?

I will go with Makeup, I am where I am because of it.

3.In the past venturing into the makeup industry wasn’t as common. How would you describe what you do to your grandmother?

(Chuckles)My danie is a staunch SDA. We definitely have grown different generations and that means her opinions are way different from mine and we’ve funnily had this discussion before. I always let her know that that the same God that created her, blessed me with creativity and she doesn’t judge.

4.What inspires your creative flow?

Having grown in “poverty” as the world puts it, I am inspired by the younger Achy, who barely had food or shelter but still made it thus far. There are several Achy that need my story to know that everything under the sun is possible to achieve… all those boys and girls, men and women inspire me.

5. If you had one person in the world, who would you collaborate with?

That would be Rihanna. She seems fun.

6.What were your most fulfilling experiences as a makeup artist?

I would write a whole book of 200000000000000 pages on this specific question as I have so many fulfilling experiences. However being able to bring joy in someone’s life through my craft has to be the most fulfilling thing. That is something nobody can put a price on.

7.You are a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

That would be Crimson. It speaks much about who I am which includes adventurous, bold, and direct.

8. What’s your favorite movie quote?

I go with “Well, I don’t want to survive. I want to live” from 12 Years a Slave.

9. What has propelled your creative journey?

My family background and the fact that I vowed to myself to let any person in doubt that your background has nothing to do with how your future will look like.

10.What does a typical day look like to you?

Waking up, meditating, going for a walk, eat, respond to the “world” if I must, work on my personal goals, or get ready for work.

11. Do you think it’s now easier for young people to tell their parents that they want to be makeup artists than it was, say a decade ago?

It depends on everyone’s environment to express their goals and purposes. However, it’s getting much easier by day as parents are easing up.

12.What challenges have you faced so far as a creative?

I haven’t been consistent with my craft. That’s been my biggest challenge.

13.What has propelled your creative journey?

My family background and the fact that I vowed to myself to let any person in doubt that your background has nothing to do with how your future will look like.

14.Name any African content creator or makeup artist you look up to?

I honestly look up to myself. I am my biggest cheerleader.

15.What is “home” to you?

“Home” is anytime and anywhere I feel peace, happy, and fulfilled which is almost every time and everywhere.

16.What’s one thing you wish you knew before venturing into the creative world?

I wish I knew creativity involves long strenuous and repetitive hours of work and practice.

17. Advice you’d give to young Achy?

There’s a solution to everything under the sun always.

18.Do you feel like you’ve lived up to your life expectations?

Very much so darling. What didn’t go to my expectations wasn’t for me.

Lizz Kira

Lizz Kira is Vazi Couture's CEO and Chief Editor, A position she has held since 2020. She is passionate about African Fashion and its impact on Social Sustainability.

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  1. Quite the tale! She is very inspiring. I particularly enjoyed her movie quote. Intriguing piece.

  2. May God continue opening doors for you Namesake.You are great at what you do & I am super proud of you!

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