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1. Who is Damian Soul?

Damian soul is a Tanzanian vocalist, songwriter, composer, guitarist, and performer. He was born and raised in Sinza ward near Kinondoni district in Dar es Salaam. His love for music started from a young age, citing Papii Kocha and Nguza Viking as some of his earliest inspirations. Damian initially started out as a rapper and really loved writing, a trait that he acquired from his father who was also a prolific writer. He would often get into trouble for staying out late in the streets watching the older peers rap battle. Inspired by the many rappers in his area, he would record freestyles on his parents’ cassette tapes and although he got in trouble for it, he still continued doing it for the love of music.

2. Damian Soul’s Music Journey.

Damian Soul’s Nothing But Love Poster; Photo; Courtesy.

Later on, he discovered he could sing and started taking vocal lessons from Sunday school teachers in the church. His parents would pass on later before joining high school. He continued studying in Uganda and his grandmother, who is his guardian, made a request to the school administration to allow him to own have a guitar in school to further enhance his talent through practice. He started out as a neo-soul singer incorporating some elements of soul and jazz in his music.

While in Sinza, he got the chance to study the various musical cultures that were in Tanzania. This was made possible due to the fact that a lot of cultural festivals and events used to be held there. This really helped develop his writing and performing skills. He blends western music concepts with the Tanzanian culture to create a uniquely beautiful sound that is rare to find somewhere else in Africa.

3. Damian Soul’s Music Style and Genre.

Initially, his sound faced a bit of resistance from the locals since Tanzania is famous for its bongo sound while Damian was doing something different from the norm. However, things have started to change and more people are beginning to appreciate his musical prowess. He has caught the attention of many international African artists and platforms and is currently recognized in many countries across the continent. He has performed at international shows across the world, met with international leaders, and even got scholarships to study further all thanks to his musical skills.

His Collabs and Aspirations.

Most of his music is inspired by experiences happening in his life or those close to him. His song; PS I LOVE YOU, was received warmly and had a lot of airplay across the internet as it is a song many can relate to. His main dream is to win a Grammy award and he believes he has what it takes to do so. His unique style gives him an advantage over other artists who have previously won it and we are definitely on the lookout for the win. Currently, he has a song out with Nhlonipho from South Africa called Mapopo and is topping the African music charts. His music is constantly on the top 10 African billboard charts and this is only the beginning for the Tanzanian star.
Check him out and for sure you won’t regret it.

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