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1. Introduction; What Is Crime and Justice About?

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If you have ever encountered any robbery, then you probably know the underlying rules involved. The moment a person in a ski mask barges through the doors with a menacing weapon, you drop to your knees, hold your hands out in surrender, and, well, scream. It is a standard procedure, like standing in line at a wedding for food. If you are patient and disciplined enough, you will get that steak. In a robbery, if you stay still, remain unheroic and allow the robbers to take all your belongings, you will be able to save the most precious thing to you; your life.
Only sometimes, criminals want to own more than your money, gold, and property; sometimes, they want to own your soul.

Crime and Justice is a cold reminder that the world is not safe and that crime often goes unpunished. The Showmax original Kenyan series is an intense, horrific reflection of what we have allowed our country to become. Yet, despite the hurt, loss, and terror, the show reminds us that there are people amidst us who will stop at nothing to get justice.
Do I have your attention yet?

2. Crime and Justice/ Showmax Series. Plot.

Crime and Justice is an eight-part investigative series that revolves around two Nairobi-based detectives. Makena and Silas. Each episode breathes life into real crimes that have taken place in Kenya but were never solved. The cases are heartbreaking, each victim trapped in their own personalized hell. Makena and Silas take charge of these cases in pursuit of justice even though they often land in cul-de-sacs.

It is hard not to fall in love with Makena’s searing passion for her job. She is an intriguing character since no one truly knows how she wound up married to the law. Unlike her partner, Silas, Makena has a firm belief that justice is attainable and that the powerful will not rule over the weak forever. Makena is a small, feeble flame that gives hope to those who have been mauled by our corrupt law. Personally, I cannot wait for her to turn into an inferno. It would be nice, for once, if a rich individual actually got a punishment worthy of their crime.

Apart from being a force to reckon with in the streets, Makena has another demanding job, being a mother. Her son, Yaro, is a witty, troubled teenager who always seems to be in a fix. He is constantly fighting for her mother’s attention. Yaro, like his mother, soon learns that it is hard to fight the law. And so he succumbs to an endless cycle of mischief and trouble. Still, it is impossible not to love their relationship. Whenever one needs the other, the other drops everything else and avails themselves. They are each other’s calm in a never-ending storm.

Crime and Justice,Plot Twist.

Silas is a conflicted character, mostly because he has seen too much to remain unscathed. This detective has been in the game long enough to know the underlying rules of justice; if you want the juicy steak in a wedding, stop wanting it. The steak is reserved for people who are wealthier and more powerful than you. Silas admires Makena’s raw passion for justice and her airtight belief in the system, but unlike her, he knows how hard and how impossible acquiring justice is. The broken, corrupt system broke Silas’ spirit. Still, what’s a man without flaws? Especially in a society where sin never sleeps?

The show additionally features court proceedings where we tend to hold our breaths and grit our teeth, waiting for justice to be served on a hot platter. The film captures realistic legal proceedings that often wind up with the criminal oiling the hands of the law.
Who knew that the long arm of the law can be evaded provided you were rich enough to buy an invisibility cloak?

3. Crime and Justice, Showmax. Cast.

Crime and Justice is co-created, co-directed, and co-produced by Adam Neutzsky-Wulff, who worked alongside acclaimed writers/filmmakers; Pauline Inda, Anthony Nero, Brian Munene, Njue Kevin, and Serah Mwihaki. Laikarion Wainaina and Edwin Kamau directed some of the show’s (the last four) episodes.

The cast comprises of household names; Sarah Hassan (Makena), Alfred Munyua (Silas), Koome Kinoti (Yaro), Paul Ogola, Maqbul Mohammed, and Brian Ogola. There have been several guest stars, namely; Brian Abajah, Martin Githinji, Abel Mutua, Foi Wambui, Justin Mirichii, Brenda Mwai, and Fareed Khimani.

4. Crime and Justice, Showmax Episodes.

The first episode of Crime and Justice was released on Showmax on 22nd February this year.
Why You Should Watch This Show

Other than the fact that it is the first Kenyan Showmax original series, Crime and Justice is immensely entertaining. The plot is marinated with intense, intriguing, and relatable stories. It is like watching the news, really interesting news.
The stunts are incredible, the setting believable, and the video quality appealing. Everything about the show should make any Kenyan burst with pride.
We have come a long way since, Cobra squad. This time the bullets won’t make you jump out of your seat.

All in all, Crime and Justice is a bold step towards tackling the glaring crimes that take place every day in the country. The show looks into rape, murder, corruption, terrorism, politics, femicide, domestic violence and so on.
We know the system is broken; the question is, what are we going to do about it? Will there ever come a time where everyone gets a piece of steak?

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