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Inched in Love: The relationship Between Love and Height.

The first time I met him, it wasn’t love at first sight; no butterflies or staggered speeches, but just causal talks with a bunch of rugby players. It felt kind of nice though, being surrounded by approachable yet fierce guys and you be the only lady. I know you might say, “no, that ain’t cute, it’s scary because they are rugby players, they’re huge….” but there is a case study that explains well-built guys are emotionally vulnerable and kind. They can either be extremely loving or extreme manipulators, but most are loving and caring or, as S puts it, “Rugby players are the way and the truth.”

The next time I met him was on campus. The encounter made me feel some way. He was tall, his frame made me feel empowered, and the submissiveness in me calmly accepted it. His lips pink, skin: dark chocolate, hair clean-shaven. I never understood the slang “looking fresh” until that moment. The scent from a waterfall on a virgin island. He called my name in an almost soft growl, and I went for my man cave hug. There is something about how a man hugs a lady that shows his perception towards them, most especially when you are newly friended. It was light, short, and intimate (not handsy but showcasing a bond).

1. The Hugs

Let us get the imagery of either a ballroom dancer, a yogi, a ballerina, or a basketballer engaging in their sport, rather should I say work venture. They involve many stretches that improve their general body posture.

The act of a hug works in a similar way as vibration gymnastics or sky reach stretches, which don’t only increase your height through re-correction of your posture but are also well known to prolong your life by decades.

2. 6AM Exercises

There was a time I was explaining how I am living my 60’s in my 20’s: An early morning run with measured slight walks, alternatively; a cup of coffee follows after that. Let me not brag about it, I started this routine just four months ago, and I have braked from it for about one month now.

His fitness came in, turned it around, and squeezed in some morning core workouts that improved my balance and stability. And yes, it is true that core workouts do not necessarily increase your height because it puts some pressure on your core. However, that is not the ONLY key target area. It also tones your body/muscles, reshaping you into a form that brings your COG to a preferred position that brings about stability and balance. The final outcome depends on your initial untoned body structure, which will determine whether your COG will be lowered or raised, hence bringing a change in your height. There used to be a time when I’d be walking and start feeling like my center of gravity will just tilt, and I’d topple at any moment, but the workouts came in handy. Core workouts do not necessarily contribute to an increase in someone’s height, but it surely does improve your posture, hence adding 2-4 inches to your height.

3. Efficient Sleep

Scientifically, people in my age bracket are supposed to be having 7-9 hrs of sleep, while in official terms, the amount of sleep reduces to about 4-6 hrs. If one is still in the feel or urge to grow taller before his/her late 20’s, he/she is advised to lean in favor of the scientific option. However, this factor also depends on the tuning of your circadian rhythm, which I was very much out of tune with.

The simple answer is oxytocin, the love hormone that has diverse positive effects including stimulation, increase or decrease of relaxing and sleep-related hormones such as serotonin, melatonin, cortisol that all work in favor of an effective sleep routine to stabilize our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness.

Just so you don’t forget, I am not asking you all to get athletic boyfriends. The factors stimulating an increase in height can be self-initiated; you just need to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Your height depends on many factors, not limited to but also including the environment, hormones, genes, and nutrition.

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