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ByMullah Maze

Jun 15, 2021
Hulda Serro, Photo; Courtesy of Her Instagram

Hulda Serro, currently a musician and music lover from Nairobi Kenya, fell in love with music ever since she was a young girl. Her love for music and the performing arts was inspired by students performing for the president during national events on television. When she was seven years old, music festival was held at her school where she finally had the chance to see in person all that used to fascinate her on television, she recalls.

This was the turning point for her as she decided that music was what she wanted to pursue. Subsequently, she transferred to a school that had a music program hence getting the chance to start work on her dreams. Her breakthrough came when one day she awed everyone in school during assembly when she performed. As expected, most teachers were against her involvement in music-related activities and her parents weren’t happy with the fact that she was engaging more in music than studies.


Serro joined high school where she found out such activities were taken seriously and required heavy investment of one’s time and concentration. She participated in music festivals from the first year till her final year. The challenges she encountered were the same as the ones in primary school whereby every teacher was against the fact that she spent most of her time pursuing music. Only one teacher, however, saw and recognized her talent and was in full support of her. Her name was Mrs. Hellen Kinyua and she encouraged her to continue with pursuing her passion even when she was in her final year about to do the national exams. Mrs. Hellen talked to her mother and she finally was supportive of her music career since then.

Hulda Serro, Photo; Courtesy.

Hulda Serro the Musician and Songwriter.
The former Sauti Academy student came to the limelight with her cover of Yemi Alade’s popular song, Johnny. She is notably one of the country’s best live performers with most of her music best enjoyed through live band performances. She has a powerful voice accompanied by beautiful lyrics. She’s an Afro-soul artist who has perfected her craft blending in occasional benga and jazz sounds. She strives to tell the African story through her music.


Her long-awaited album, Kuwe, debuted on the 30th of May 2020. The term Kuwe is a Zulu word that means for you. It was her gift to her fans who have always been supportive of her craft since day one. The album was majorly written during her campus years and was in the works for three years. Clearly, quality can not be rushed.

Hulda’s Album info chart, Illustration, Courtesy of Her Instagram.

The songs tackle various personal issues that she experienced ranging from heartbreaks, anger stories, love, uncertainties among many others. The fourteen-track album was mainly inspired by South African music which is what she listens to most of the time. The songs are also written in various languages from Dholuo, Swahili, Giriama, English, and Zulu, further highlighting her prowess and talent as a songwriter.


She was nominated at the Café Ngoma awards back in 2020 as African fusion artist of the year. In June 2020, she won the coveted judges award as the best overall act at the Sondeka awards. Her music has been featured on various music platforms playlists including apple music and iTunes. She has also received international recognition in Spain as her music is played at various radio stations in Madrid and Austria.

She is one of the Kenyan artists I would recommend you listen to.

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