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Just in time, Movie review.

ByLucy Mwelu

Jun 13, 2021

1. Introduction, Just In Time Movie, On Netflix.

What do you do when you lose your sole source of income in the spur of a moment? Do you hunker down at your house and shove ice cream down your throat, or do you start buying analog newspapers and start circling employment opportunities?

Just In Time, Movie Poster : Image Courtesy.

Well, according to a real estate mogul from the film, Just In Time, you garner your finances and go to Dubai. Yes, clear out your savings account and book yourself an expensive vacation. Sounds insane, right? The funny thing is, it actually makes sense when you hear her explanation. According to her, endings are not always meant to be bleak; sometimes they are an opportunity for something new, something exciting. In order to get to this new and exciting phase in life, one needs to relax, preferably in a city like Dubai.

2. What is the movie, Just in Time About?

Apart from being teachable, this Kenyan-based film is warm, intense, and extremely entertaining.
Well, buckle up!

A bookstore manager (played by Sarah Hassan) finds herself in a bit of a pickle when her late boss’ daughter announces that the book store is to be replaced with a modern structure, a spa. After seven years of putting sweat and blood in that book store, Sarah Hassan finds herself jobless and, well, lost. Her crazy work schedule has succeeded magnificently in depriving her of a social life, and without her job, she finds herself in a miserable state.
Up until she attends a program that utterly blows her mind. Motivated, she goes back home and books a vacation to Zanzibar. Sounds perfect, right? White sand beaches, exotic drinks, and skin-draped drums? Only, she does not get to go.

Her long-lost cousin calls her up out of the blue and asks for an unexpected favor; that she houses her eleven-year-old niece. Her very snarky, intelligent, and vibrant niece. This should be fun except, our ex-bookstore manager does not like kids, not to mention she has an axe to grind with her long-lost cousin.
On top of this, she is left in charge of a set of keys that will bring yet another individual into her life. A Ghanaian photographer is staying at his friend’s place in Sarah’s building. As her luck would have it, Sarah loses this set of keys and thus begins a sweet, tasteful romance between a man in love with nature and a woman obsessed with books. Let’s not forget the eleven-year-old who cannot bear to live in a world without WiFi and in a world where her aunt is in charge.
In less than a week, Sarah Hassan finds herself jobless, raising a kid and handing out pancakes to a hot stranger with who she hopelessly falls in love with.
Three different people from three different worlds crossing paths when they all
happen to need someone to lean on.
What could possibly go wrong?

3. Just In Time, Kenyan Movie, Cast.

She is known for her witty, warm, and hilarious films. Dulapo Adeleke graced us with the film, Plan B which made us cry and laugh simultaneously. The Nigerian filmmaker seems to be a genius when it comes to creating films that touch our hearts.

Just In Time is produced by Sarah Hassan. She also plays the starring role alongside powerhouses such as Mawuli Gavor, Stycie Waweru, Pierra Makena, Martin Githinji, Kagwe Mungai and Eve D’Souza.
The Netflix original film premiered this year in March.

4. Why You Should Watch Just In Time.

Kenya has begun scratching the surface of the “feel-good” typa film. Usually, we are accustomed to romantic flames being sparked between a poor girl and a rich boy, or vice versa. While these films do have their appeal, audiences are looking for new plots, plots that paint the modern society where a romantic relationship does not necessarily have to be strained by class in order to be interesting. Sometimes two financially capable individuals fall for each other and face other challenges like commitment issues and different political beliefs. Maybe one individual thinks Donald Trump is great and that Idi Amin was harmless while the other severely disagrees.

Just In Time addresses present issues like divorce, change, careers, internet addiction, dyslexia, and family dynamics.

So If you want a film that will make your heart warm and your eyes a bit glassy then, try this one out.
Besides, aren’t you curious to know how you can solve joblessness by spending your last dime on a Dubai vacation?

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