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Timeless and Chic; Why blouses should be a staple in your wardrobe.

ByLizz Kira

May 31, 2021 ,
Vazi Couture’s Gesa. Poses In A Blouse.

No matter how much we feel like we have grown, we all have fashion hits or misses in our past. Remembering what has and hasn’t worked for you will reveal a lot about where you need to direct your style in the future, saving you lots of money and helping you redefine your preference style-wise. Perhaps there was a skirt you felt uncomfortable in or a particular shade which didn’t work very well with your complexion or perhaps it’s that piece that you ignore the most while doing shopping that’s lacking in your wardrobe to complete your signature look.

1. Interesting facts about blouses.
2. How to choose the perfect blouse for you.
3. How to pair your blouses.
4 . Where to wear them.

1. Interesting facts about blouses.

I could start with how my sister does not know the difference between a T-shirt, shirt, and blouse but no let’s dive right in.
Would you believe that in the past a blouse was mainly worn by workmen, peasants, and artists? As a matter of fact, it was rarely part of a woman’s wardrobe and was essentially considered informal however this was scraped off over time by designers coming up with amazing pieces that were comfortable and easy to wear, allowing women to create different outfits by matching together various colors and styles.
Blouses have continued to find inspiration in past trends. Those ornamented with embroidery and laces have become pretty chic and fashionable in the recent past.

2. How to choose the perfect blouse.

The perfect blouse can be worn in all seasons(yes winter too, layered) and in countless occasions begging the importance of the know how of selecting the perfect one for you.

Fabric. If you want a perfect fit blouse then don’t go for fluffy fabrics like tissue and polyesters. Instead choose blouse fabrics that are comfortable to wear like cotton, raw silk, chiffon, net etc. Make sure that for the fabrics which are transparent like net and sheer, you choose a matching lining to get the perfect fit.

Colour. What colors are you confident wearing? Floral, prints, or plain colors? Personally, I’m a sucker for plain darker shades and very picky with prints.

3.How to pair your blouses.

Like any other item in your wardrobe styling is essential. This majorly depends on where you are going or the mood you are in. For classy and chic vibes pair your blouse with fitting pants and flat shoes.

For a more casual look pair it with your favorite pair of jeans like we did. The belt makes the look more individualized.

Pick the right bra

I can’t emphasize this enough. Make sure you wear the right kind of bra with different patterns of blouse, like say if you are wearing a backless blouse or a very deep back blouse then you can’t wear a regular bra with it as its straps will show. You can choose bra cups for such blouses or use boob tape.

4.Where to wear them.

How creative can you be?

A blouse can be worn from an interview(any formal setting) to brunch with your mates. Pair it with your short leather mini skirt and you’re serving a party looks like no other.
They are comfortable and easy to wear hence allowing women to create different outfits by matching together various colors and styles. If that does not match your taste well you need to redefine your style choices.
I would definitely have to say that a sleek blouse always keeps my look feeling elevated and pulled together. Even when I’m dressing down, my blouses make me feel fine and polished.
Blouses are a perfect way of blending elegant past with contemporary style.

As I said in the beginning timeless and chic.

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