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Is it Retro, Or Vintage Fashion? What’s the difference?

1. What is Retro Fashion?

Retro Fashion refers to outfits or dressing methods that draw inspiration from the lifestyle, fads, or pop culture of the past in a throwback kind of hype that usually samples from the last 20-30 decades before the current one, Retro fashion enthusiasts sample from music, movies, art, or attitudes.

2. Retro fashion trends.

In the 1980’s

In the ’80s, bright colors were the order of the day, and shoulder pads pushed past the other trends to become one of the hottest styles of the era for women, Men would rarely go unseen without oxford shirts or faded denims, polo shirts, and turtle necks for the casual guy. Recently, a resurgence of shoulder pads, brightly colored dresses, and leggings have been all the hype on high fashion runways and in retro fashion street style photos from around the world, Take a look at the photo below.

To add in that element of bold color that defines ’80s aesthetics, you may pair your top with a breezy floral midi skirt accentuate the look with some eye-catching white sneakers with colorful striped detailing.

retro fashion in the 90’s

You can’t talk about the ’90s, retro fashion hype without mentioning rainbows and denim, am I right? Whether it was the hip-huggers you wore to look just like Britney Spears or multicolored tube tops that resembled the ones Christina Aguilera wore on stage, all true ’90s kids have denim and rainbow prints in their closets it was just a ‘thing’ back then.

To pay true homage to ’90s fashion, we went for a fun take in the above photo, featuring these Levi’s trousers and topped it off with a colorful geometric shirt.

2. Vintage Fashion.

What does Vintage mean in fashion.

Vintage Fashion differs from Retro fashion, in specificity. whereas Retro fashion is all about specific periods when it comes to old-fashioned clothing styles and outfits, Vintage Fashion is a more general term used to depict all old styles and fashion trends.

How to wear vintage.

1. Select the decade that suits you the most.

Discover the decade from which your style belongs and go for it. With vintage you have pretty much a century’s worth of fashion:

  • Posh & Puffy 1900s. 
  • The Flirty 1920s
  • Business Beauty 1930s
  • Sexy & Classy 1940s
  • Cute Rockabilly 1950s
  • Hippy Chic 1960s

Whether its the lowered waist, pearls and feathers of the roaring 20s, the simple and practical beauty of the 50s, or the pencil dresses and shoulder pads of the 30s –   there are so many opportunities to play with. So choose your decade and go for it.”

2. Pick your poison.

Decide whether you are going full vintage or partial vintage, you may also need to select your ‘vintage mode’ you know to either go full vintage or mix it up and give it a modern edge.

3. Select a statement piece.

What’s going to speak the most out of the outfit you’re wearing?  Is it your dress print?  Your crazy novelty pin?  Your bakelite bangles? Your crazy hat?  I’m ALL for crazy, loud, and novelty print.  But the thing that keeps you from looking costumey is picking ONE statement thing.  Maybe two.  But certainly not more than three.  For example- crazy hat, crazy brooch, solid dress- works.  Crazy hat, crazy print dress, crazy brooch- doesn’t work in general (sure, there are the rare exemptions).  If in doubt, keep it simple.  Sometimes red lipstick is enough of a statement in itself.

That’s about it peeps, I hope you can now comfortably differentiate between Vintage and Retro fashion, and hopefully, you now can now style each confidently and without mixing either. See you in the next post.

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