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Netflix The Irregulars, Review.

ByVC Editors.

May 10, 2021

Yet another series that casts Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick. So woe unto you if you are not a fan of the Legendary Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But Worry not, at least now you get a peep into it.

Our Rating.

Title: The Irregulars
Rating: 6.9
Release date: 2021-03-26
Genre: Crime.Fantasy. Drama. Mystery
Directors: Joss Agnew ,Johnny Allan
Writers: Tom Bidwel, Greg Graham, Rebecca Hudgson, Jonathan Leather, Jude Liknaitzky, Michael Ray
No.of episodes: 8 (sn1)
Cast: Mckell David (Spike),Thaddea Graham(Bea),Jojo Macari(Billy), Harrison Osterfield (Leopold),Darci Shaw(Jessie)

This is a production that puts supernatural beings lurking around the Holmes stories front and center. It is inspired by the movie; Enola Holmes which was released last year.
I think Netflix is actually becoming Holmes crazy!


This series follows a gang of street urchins manipulated by the sinister Dr. Watson and his mysterious business partner, the elusive Sherlock Holmes, who isn’t shown at the start of the series into solving crimes for them. Seriously Sherlock, are you seriously going to sit down and let a bunch of kids do the job for you??!

As the crimes take on a supernatural edge and dark power emerges, it will be up to the gang to come together to save not only London but the entire world.

In this series, Sherlock is a drug addict and probably haunted by demons,, in short words he is….well, a mess. So if you are here to watch him do some detective tricks…sorry for the disappointment.


…What is a posh kid with hemophilia doing in the streets? Is it because he is always trapped in the palace or because he has fallen for Bea? I guess we will find that out as we continue with the show. And who else doesn’t like Billy and how he is treating Leo? I don’t. I mean it’s not Leo’s fault that he has had unrequited love for Bea, right?

The first few episodes of this series have some sort of a fringe feel__an overall story with some individual monster of the week type episodes that work well on their own while continuing to build on the main story.
How the tooth fairy plant teeth that grow into people’s clones…and how a person skins people alive??


You can catch the show’s official trailer here;

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