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Where hands touch review.

Have you ever walked down the street and turned heads? For some this perturbing action might be a most welcome feeling, but for others, the excessive attention makes their skin cringe; they will wish the earth to split open and swallow them. But we all know the earth at times can be a bitch, an ignorant bitch. These are the circumstances in the movie Where hands touch.

Our Rating for this movie.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

1. A story of racism in a Nazi era.

The movie’s starring, Amandla Stenberg as Leyna. Photo, Courtesy.

Leyna, a biracial teenage girl, falls under the latter group. She continuously gets earth’s voice mails whenever she wills it to open and swallow her. Leyna finds herself garnering a lot of unwanted attention in the streets of Germany. The intense stares have nothing to do with her outfit or her leaving her fly open; people cannot stop ogling at her because of the color on her skin. Remember when I said intense stares? I meant glares.

2. Is Where Hands Touch based on a true story?

Where the hands touch is a film written and directed by Amma Asante based on her screenplay which is majorly inspired by historical records of people who were discriminated against for being mixed-race in Nazi Germany, The crude name given to them was Rheinlandbastarde, for being descendants or children fathered by soldiers from an African background in Germany occupied Rhineland after the first world war.  Amandla Stenberg and George MacKay play the roles of Leyna and Lutz respectively, two teenagers falling in love in well, a hopeless place, or rather time.

3. Where hands touch synopsis.

The film is set in Nazi Germany; a period where being Jewish or biracial (or anyone who is not German) was highly frowned upon. Being a Jew or biracial meant that you got harassed on a daily basis, by the public and police force. At times, when the police were feeling trigger happy, they would gun one down for something as frivolous as touching a loaf with ungloved hands.

where hands touch main cast; Leyna & Lutz. as acted by Amandla Stenberg & George Mackay

Lutz, a Hitler youth and son of a high-ranking SS officer, cannot seem to get rid of his feelings for a girl who will never be accepted in their country. Leyna too is in this same boat, only hers is graver, especially when she finds herself being shipped off to a Nazi camp. By this time her mother has been arrested, her brother is living with her aunt and the love of her life has been shipped off to war. Things get even bleaker when she finds out she is pregnant, pregnant in a camp where they gun down and incarcerate humans like animals.

4.Where hands touch, trailer and full movie.

Here is the trailer

where hands touch trailer, courtesy of YouTube.

To download the full movie click here to get the torrents files.

5. My thoughts on the movie.

This film is not a typical romance. Amma tries to tackle the issue of racism and discrimination while showing us how these concepts impact our societies, our humanity. The writer tries to tell us that love does indeed rise above the color of our skin but that it also does not have the magical abilities we believe it has.

In short, love does not conquer all especially wars.

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