• Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Mortal Kombat(2021)

Finally, a back story for Scorpions ranged weapon, our prayers have been answered!

Spoken languages-Chinese, Japanese, English.
Rating– 8.2/10
Genre-action- Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thriller.
Cast– Lewis Tan, Jessica Mcnamee, Chin Han, Joe Taslim, Josh Lawson.

Washed up MMA fighter Cole Young, unaware of his heritage, and hunted by Sub-Zero, one of the best warriors, sent by Outworld’s Emperor Shang Tsung for reasons he knows not. Cole goes in search of people that might have the same dragon marking he was born with. Soon he finds himself in the temple of Lord Raiden, and there he trains with the greatest champions as he prepares to stand against the enemies of the out-world in a high-stakes battle for the universe.

Now, I don’t play Mortal Kombat or even follow the concept behind it but this movie…this is definately a BANG!
The fighting is top-notch…and talk about the costumes… the costumes are definitely worth the hype.
The casting for both Scorpion and Sub Zero is absolutely spot on!! And I know many of us can’t wait to see, Joe Taslim (Sub Zero)& Hiroyuki Sanada (Scorpion) annihilate each other.

This is a story of two clans really getting into the Mortal Kombat lore that was somewhat lacking in the original movie, as fun as that was. This one touches on the rivalry between Sub-Zero and Scorpion and explains better the role of Kung Lao and Liu Kang in the service of Raiden.

And I bet most people that love this were more into the fight scenes and not the story as a whole.
I believe watching this movie is gonna bring back memories that you prolly thought were lost
This is far from a perfect film. It’s worth your time

You can catch the trailer here


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