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Your Brief.

  1. Dressing Feminine means expressing the lady inside yourself.
  2. Wear Bright Colors
  3. Wear Heels
  4. Wear Fitting Clothes.
  5. Master your body shape.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes
  7. Remember to accessorize.
  8. Carry a statement bag.
  9. Put on some makeup.

Being feminine does not have to be your way of life. I find most male clothes really comfortable, say for example sweatpants and baggy T-shirts. Don’t get me started with how comfy these babies are.

Right now anyone can rock a pair of sweatpants and there are like a gazillion ways to style baggy clothing. Basking in the awesomeness of feminine energy can be an on-and-off thing. It’s okay if you want your hair in a mess for a day or two. It’s okay that your nails are undone for whatever period you want.
Shortly after this period, you feel the urge to glow up, awaken the goddess of beauty within you, radiate feminine energy only. Well, when this happens we know how the bank statement looks like. Let’s just say beauty comes at a cost.

A good example of when you might be forced to consider dressing femininely casual is a date. First impressions are important. You do know that right? Well below are a few factors you should consider if you are trying to pull up your A-game on the subject matter.

1. Wear bright colors.

Bright-colored clothing will make you look more feminine. It doesn’t have to be pink or red. Both are classic feminine colors. I went for green instead. The secret is to understand which colors fit you better. And for this, you must be familiar with your own color palette and what colors best suit your skin tone.

2. Wear heels.

Chief Editor, Liz Kirra Poses in Heels

Nothing is more feminine than adding a pair of heels to your outfit. Wearing heels will not only give you a feminine look but also a much sexier walk, elegance, and demeanor. Choose the height you’re the most comfortable with. If you’re still learning to walk with heels, don’t risk stilettos just yet. Stay on the safe side, and choose chunky ones or wedged heels as they will have better support for the rest of your body.

3. Wear clothes that fit.

Model; Faith, Poses in fitting clothes.

Wearing clothes that are your size is the number one and an easy way to look more feminine. Masculine clothing generally tends to be a looser fit than feminine clothing. Making sure that your clothes show your body shape without being curve-hugging will make you look more feminine and elegant without looking tacky.

4. Master your body shape.

It is essential you know your body shape and what best suits that particular type. Respecting your body type when you dress will ensure that you choose the cuts and pieces that enhance your natural shape.

5. Wear something you are comfortable in.

Add a high touch of elegance with mid-calf length to under knees length type of dress or skirt. If too short is not your type trying it might not be the best idea. No matter what the trends are going towards, stick to your personal style.

6. Accessorize Hunny.

Accessories will always come to your rescue when it comes to creating a feminine look. This is the fun part, where you mix and match pieces according to your liking. Make sure that you pay attention to the quality of those before wearing them. I personally love statement and fantasy jewelry but they definitely get worn off with time and usage. Scanty jewelry is always a great choice to look more refined, elegant, and feminine.

7. Carry a statement bag.

Go for quality over quantity. Handbags have to stand the test of usage, which is very high when you’re using yours on a daily basis. Make sure that you pay extra attention to the quality of the parts that will be folded the most, the handles that will carry the weight the most, and the stitchings technique used.

8. Do your makeup.

The key here is to understand what suits you and making sure that you stay clean and well-groomed. You can find tons of free beauty-related tutorials on Youtube. When it comes to makeup, less is more. If you put makeup on your eyes, put a light shade on your lips. If you chose to go for a bolder lip color, make sure you keep things minimal on your eyes. But never strong makeup on both eyes and lips!

Dressing femininely has so many perks and is very fun. Start with the tips above and progress slowly.

Lizz Kira

Lizz Kira is Vazi Couture's CEO and Chief Editor, A position she has held since 2020. She is passionate about African Fashion and its impact on Social Sustainability.


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