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Sky Girls Anthem ft Karun is a visual feast.

In a Summary.

  • Sky girls’ is a sisterhood of teenage girls across Kenya.
  • The Music Video is Sky’s Pledge and Anthem.
  • The Song was sung by Karun and Directed by Enos Olik.
  • Broken down each scene is vibrant and reputably fashionable.

“Throughout the video, there is a joyful mood brought out by the colors on-set and the various casual attires that the girls wear.”

Sky girls defines itself as a sisterhood of teenage girls from across Kenya. The organization is all about girls being true to themselves and what they believe in. ”We are who we are, not who someone else thinks we should be.” reads a quote from their website. 

An image from Sky Girls. source Instagram @skygirlske

The teen empowerment organization, recently collaborated with Karun, a renowned Kenyan singer/songwriter to release a song highlighting its pledge and mission to Kenyan teen girls. The song titled TRUE TO ME is a fashion and visual feast directed by renowned Kenyan video director; Enos Olik.

Screen Grap of Karun’s Sky girls anthem

The Break-Down.

The Video opens in a Nairobi street with a girl dressed in a denim jacket, white tee, and plaid trousers with a ruffle along its slit. The next scene features a Karun in a blueprint shirt with gorgeous braids and makeup, next is a model photoshoot in a market, the model is wearing a yellow Cami gown and a fabulous matching wide brim floppy hat. The video then presents a wide shot pan of a tailor shop with Afro Ankara print materials and a complete attire design on a dummy.

Next are studio shots of Karun in a set composed of yellow and blue backlit back-walls completed with white circular accents to bring perspective and a joyful mood to her cue, in the cut she is wearing a red jacket, a black spaghetti, and maroon afro print pants. Next follows pans of the dancers who feature several geometric and pattern prints along with cuts of other girls on streets and porches.

Our Verdict.

Throughout the video, there is a joyful mood brought out by the colors on-set and the various casual attires that the girls wear.

All in all, the video saw great directing, and even though some scenes were repeated the monotony was broken by vibrant clothing and simple compositions that got our editorial team impressed.

Wycliff Peter Oundo

Wycliff Peter Oundo is The founder and Chairperson of Vazi Couture, He is a Journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya and occasionally writes for VC.

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