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ByWycliff Peter Oundo

Mar 3, 2020

ON MAY 14TH Our Fashion editors received a comment from a subscriber, the topic of the Comment was Why Moi University is a Fashion hell. We knew we had a juicy story to probe into so we set forth along the halls and paths of Moi university gathering comments from all who cared enough to comment on the subject, they were many quite interesting and hilarious thoughts on this, The following is our break down;

Moi University Administration Block, Photo; Courtesy.

According to Joyce a Tech student who expressly ‘gave up on fashion ‘The main reason why Moi university is lagging, when it comes to its students Fashion sense, is because of its location, to many people including Joyce who when innocently applying to join the university, thought it was located In Eldoret town. Only to her utter shock to travel miles, far from the City of champions to the ‘villages of champions’ “I was shocked at how deep in the interior the university was, when I first reported in first year, not only was it far from town but it was disappointingly located in A village, that up to now I have no idea, how it’s called” remarks Joyce. To Joyce this setting, far from “civilization” has resulted in the brain drain of students, students who initially had great fashion sense to be complete village spectators. Gasping and always shocked at the latest trends. “It’s like God painted a dark cloud over the light of globalization and the latest in pop culture, “To be well dressed here or to have a great fashion sense is a waste of time and talent, no one notices and the few that do, will shamelessly call you a slay queen” remarks an irritated Joyce.


Oluoch, a Zetech university student, who’s  visiting from Nairobi, Couldn’t help but point out that the problem with the institution is ‘Ushamba Kias’ According to Jovial Oluoch, This set back is due to the fact that the students are naïve and uninformed when it comes to urban fashion trends, “ Your students are suffering from ‘Ushamba Kias’ , I was shocked none  of them complimented me, on the fact that I had on a very expensive Versace Hoodie, not only that , your students believe that anything  from a khaki trouser to a faded off market suit is the way to go, you need to include Fashion as a common unit for all your First years.” Advised Oluoch. (Modish Editors could not ascertain the originality or cost of the mentioned hoodie at the time of publication, for this story)

3. Education Students.

Emma an education student from the school of arts and social sciences, agreed to speak on record, on condition that Education Students are listed as one of the reasons why the institution is a Fashion Hell. (A request our editors could not turn down) When asked why, an irate Emma went on to narrate an ordeal with her course mates that unfolded One day when she had on tights and a see-through blouse. “They did not hesitate to dub me the class slay queen, I don’t understand why the majority of education students are so naïve when it comes to fashion and new trends,” She mused. Apparently, the course is associated with much ‘seriousness’ and anyone who tends to divert from the norm is seen as a joker and a misfit, “They will even call you a slay queen if you are light in completion, when did it become a sin to be born that way? It’s even worse when you are spotted with make up on, or a Brazilian weave, because your classmates will quickly isolate themselves from you, spread malicious rumors, boys will think you are a slut, not to mention the lecturers .This course is supposed to be the prime of culture and to uplift new trends, I wonder how these guys will become teachers when they are quick to distance themselves from new trends and shifts of culture” She Wonders.

4. Fake social influencers .

Rodgers a film student, is convinced the reason the university sucks when it comes to fashion and pop culture sense, is because it has, at its helm Fake social influencers. “They are nothing but a scam, A bunch of wannabes and misadvised bimbos. I am shocked that while other universities have Influencers like El Shaqo we have A mob of silly politicians and a bunch of goons masquerading as social influencers. these people have the guts to decide on what is wrong and right at the academic corners, they are nothing but loud, noisy and arrogant politicians who believe Any other person that doesn’t conform to their political noise is below them and misplaced. They will call A fashionable student, a Slay king and shamelessly ridicule and judge. I am ashamed that an institution as large as this lacks Bonafede influencers and mouthpieces that can speak on behalf of students interested in trends, fashion and pop culture.” Remarks The film student

5. ‘Huyu ni slay queen na yule ni Slay king’ Mentality.

To Maggie, she has had enough with being called a ‘slay queen’, just because she constantly rocks bootie shorts. “Everyone calls me a slay queen, even mama mboga at the gate whisper and gossip when I pass by, students ogle and call me names, I am Tired.” Says Maggie. “ Its even worse that when I walk with a male friend , he also gets ‘thrown in the mix’ and Is suddenly dubbed as a slay king,  ‘ Ati huyu ni slayqueen na yule in slayking wake’” Maggie is one of the many victims we interviewed who believes that the university isn’t lacking in fashion influencers , but the reason most influencers have chosen to go ‘underground’ is because of the body shaming and name calling, To Maggie a lot can change if only, perception and opinions about fashion changes too. “It is time the university, realized that fashion and trends are an integral part of our culture and the global pop culture, we should never have to judge people according to how they dress, how they look like and how they choose to physically and visualy express.” Maggie advises.

6. Stingy wallets.

Baron, A season fashion and trends investor, can’t believe just how ‘stingy’ Moi university students can get. “It doesn’t matter if an event is fifty shillings or free, students just wont come, it also doesn’t matter if you invite a Musician to perform or not, they wont cough up the money for tickets, even when an event is free students will still complain about transport,” according to Baron the reason investing in fashion at the University is extremely difficult is the prospect that most students, although supportive, cannot put their money ,where their mouths are, “ Students will be excited at idea of a new design, or an event or a fashion store, but will hardly pay up to empower these Events, designers ,Shops and Ideas. This culture needs to change, in order to grow as a fashion hub, Moi university students need to support their friends financially, not just by word of mouth or by praise, because someone’s word, doesn’t pay bills” remarks the student investor.

This is the first part of this mini-series, as our editors go on factually in the second Part to validate these claims and offer a reprieve and solutions that can be implemented to aid in awakening the sleeping giant to view, fashion trends differently and to support the wave of pop culture, ascertaining the importance of originality and expression through fashion and trends.

Have a comment? Drop it right below and our editors shall respond where need be, this article includes Real commentary and interviews, where requested Names have been changed to conceal Identity. Comments highlighted have been published as Originally expressed, with little editing where necessary for Syntax and grammatical agreement.

Published as interviewed with Vazi Couture editors; Tim, Wycliff, and Stacy. Compiled by the Modish Editorial Guild.

Wycliff Peter Oundo

Wycliff Peter Oundo is The founder and Chairperson of Vazi Couture, He is a Journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya and occasionally writes for VC.

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