Mia Khalifa Is Speaking Out About The Porn Industry, Here’s Why?

Mia Khalifa Is Speaking Out About The Porn Industry, Here’s Why?

Mia Khalifa was born in Beirut, Lebanon, A predominantly Islamic City. She is of the United States and Lebanese Citizenship and She Has been in the last few months one of the most talked-about female pornstars. But now she has shed off her past profession and is becoming an activist and very outspoken on the grim side Porn Industry. Here is why…

Rise To Fame…

Mia Khalifa was approached to join Porn by an agent who suggested that she tries out auditioning for a ‘modelling job’ which turned out to be a porn audition. She says in an interview with BBC , that she gave it a choice, out of rebellion. It wasn’t her first time shooting a porn movie , it was actually her second time after she joined the pornography industry, The porn star, would not, however, rise to fame until she did a video depicting her having sex in a hijab.

this exploded her career in an overnight sensation, propelling her to the top of charts on “Porn hub” a pornography and adult content aggregator. She was the most viewed pornstar on the platform for months and The fame toppled to her social media gunning her millions of followers.

Turning Point;

After all the fame, her viral video had brought, along came feeling of trauma and stress, For instance in an interview, Mia Khalifa confessed, that whenever she would be out in public, she could feel people staring right through her clothes and to her nakedness , she confessed feeling that she felt that like she had totally surrendered her freedom of expression ” which I had ” she said on BBC .

Soon afterwards, Threats followed, She claims that her Twitter account was full of threats especially from Muslim Folk who felt betrayed and violated by her famous Sex Video in a hijab, “There were threats from people who appeared to be ISIS” she confessed.

She had to move out of her apartment after a screenshot of her apartments location was spotted doing rounds on the web.

Mia Khalifa also revealed that she only got paid USD 12,000 only for her role in the video, despite it going viral and making the porn-sites and her agency Millions of dollars.

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The Road To Activism..

The former pornstress, in an interview, said she started speaking on the effects of the industry especially on female actresses, who according to her are underpaid, Some are Harassed, and even sex trafficked and forced into pornography. She says after the interview she recieved numerous emails from other female pornstars who shared their odeals and cheered her on..

the reception hasn’t been smooth, on her part, most of her former colleagues called her out for being pretentious and ingenerous , as the porn industry had propelled her to her fame status, nevertheless she is making progress, she has recently gotten engaged, and landed jobs as a sports commentator.

What is your opinion on the porn industry, Should Porn Actors be granted rights and recognition. as other actors are? Let us know and we will sample your comments on the

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